Day service Yusen

long-term care and transportation recruitment

We are looking for a companion to work with

We are looking for people who can have simple daily conversations

"Maximize the effects of massage and other manual therapies in the world of long-term care"
"Create an environment where masseurs can fully demonstrate their abilities with or without visual impairment"
"All staff work together to provide long-term care and functional training."
The day service of our association has such a feeling.
Gymnastics, treatment, strength training, brain training, etc. will be performed in the morning and afternoon for about 3 hours.

Our staff wants to interact with users like a family.

Features of day service spring(yusen)

・Almost all users can walk.

・Even if you use a cane or a walker, only users who can support their bodies with their own feet and move.

"Wheelchair" and "bedridden" users cannot stay at this facility.

Aim of the day service spring( yusen)

・ One of our major goals is to maintain a continuous life at home through functional training such as massage.

・ We aim to create a facility where all staff can cooperate with each other, with the goal of maximizing the functions of users with half-day care.

・ We will respect and support the motivation of each person in charge to advance their career.

About transfer

・ There is a pick-up time three times a day in the morning, noon, and evening. You will be asked to select a time zone and day of the week that are convenient for you to work.

・ A separate allowance is available for evening transfers.

・ Preferential treatment for those who have knowledge and qualifications of long-term care.

・ All shuttle cars are ordinary car-sized wagons. (Vehicle type: Step WGN Boxy Freed)

Work at day service

Care staff work

・ Providing meals and tea
・ Assistance for functional training
・ Bathing and toilet assistance
・ Listening, watching, etc.

Application Requirements

● Recruitment type
Nursing staff
Pick-up staff
● Employment form: Part-time work

● Work place
4-22-11 Sandamachi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo
 ● Application conditions
Those who can have daily conversation

Employment conditions

・ From 1050 yen per hour
・ Please contact us for working hours, working days and days of the week, etc.